Interpretation of the cross motto of "confidence, dignity, responsibility, feelings and mission"

Confidence comes from strength.

    Self confidence is the result of people's positive evaluation of their personality, psychology and social role. It is a belief that we have the ability or use some effective means to complete a task and solve a problem. First of all, you should have self-confidence in your work in order to do your work brilliantly. Self confidence enables us to face problems as a strong person, be energetic, have confidence, move forward bravely and complete tasks excellently.

    So, is self-confidence enough? We have confidence but no ability. How can we make ourselves stronger? "Mozi Pro Shi" has a saying: "although miscellaneous mediocre people, there is no resentment in the end, so is those who have self-confidence." Therefore, self-confidence is to believe in yourself on the basis of a correct understanding of yourself. Self confidence is to be able to correctly evaluate your strength, neither belittle yourself nor be arrogant. For example, an excellent salesperson should clearly understand the advantages and disadvantages, opportunities and challenges of his products, develop strengths and avoid weaknesses, and constantly improve his hard and soft strength. Life is inevitably bumpy, everyone will experience setbacks. We need to draw lessons from every setback and constantly enhance our strength. Because strength is the important pillar of confidence, and self-confidence is the driving force to improve strength.

    In the story of borrowing arrows from straw boats recorded in the classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms, how did Zhuge Liang be confident and confident when facing tasks that ordinary people thought impossible? Because he is resourceful and anticipates things like God. This ability gives him a belief - the belief that he can complete tasks and solve problems by effective means, which is his self-confidence.

    Zheng Shenghua, an employee of the vacuum division of Zhejiang forerunner Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., is an example worthy of our study. His long-term first-line machinery manufacturing experience has made him experienced hundreds of battles and fruitful. His awards and honors are numerous. His self-confidence has always been the driving force: "I will be able to make achievements in my post with my dedicated learning ability and my love for CNC machinery." Over the years, he has always been deeply involved in the workshop, down-to-earth technical research, leak detection and defect filling, and constantly broke through process and technical problems, thus becoming the backbone of the workshop.

    Today, Zheng Shenghua skill master studio has been established and successfully selected into the list of project units of Zhejiang skill master studio in 2020. Under the influence of his self-confident personality charm and exquisite technology, more and more colleagues come to learn art. Enterprises have more and more technical experts.

    It can be seen that a confident person has a strong sense of "ownership" and can actively complete his work.

    Managers can constantly improve their self-awareness, constantly overcome their weaknesses, enrich themselves and enhance their strength. With strength, you have the capital of self-confidence. With self-confidence, you can win the trust of your colleagues, lead the team to overcome difficulties and achieve success.

    Through in-depth understanding of products, difference analysis of competitive products and in-depth understanding of market demand, sales personnel can constantly communicate with R & D personnel and technicians, narrow the gap with competitors and improve the competitiveness and appeal of products, so as to continuously enhance their self-confidence in products, constantly explore new markets and develop new market needs.

    At the manufacturing site, everyone can realize self-worth by establishing the spirit of craftsman, practicing basic skills in ordinary posts, constantly improving quality, and enhancing their strength through every small improvement.

Dignity is the mother of enterprise

    What is dignity? Dignity, first, refers to dignity, second, refers to noble status or status, and third, refers to independent and inviolable status or status. No matter where we are in the enterprise, we can deeply realize that technology reflects the wisdom of the enterprise, quality reflects the dignity of the enterprise, and dignity is one of the driving forces driving the enterprise to keep improving.

    Pioneer thermoelectric was initially positioned as a general-purpose product and domestic market, with a low price, which belongs to "low-end product" in the minds of most employees. Therefore, some employees will think that the quality standard can be relaxed. Even if it does not meet the customer's requirements, it can be sold as "low temperature difference" products. As long as the power is on, there will be no defective products. If employees only blindly pursue quantity, the product quality will be worse and worse. Inevitably, domestic competitors will also change from "catching up with and surpassing leading thermoelectric" to "surpassing Hangzhou Dahe". This is for each of us to sweep away our dignity and face in front of our peers. Therefore, only by constantly improving management and innovation can we focus, concentrate and gather talents for the development of the enterprise; "Heart" in the market and "body" in the field, constantly optimize the process, improve the quality level and efficiency, so as to win dignity for the enterprise.

    Yanzi spring and Autumn Annals records the allusions of Yanzi envoys. The king of Chu despised Yan Zi because of his short stature and said: did the state of Qi send you because there was no one to send? Knowing that the king of Chu was satirizing him, Yanzi quietly replied: what are you talking about? There are seven or eight thousand families in Linzi, the capital of Qi alone. If all the pedestrians in the street open their sleeves, they can block out the sun. If they all shake their sweat, they can gather into a heavy rain. People are crowded shoulder to shoulder and toes to heel. King, how can you say that there is no one in Qi? The king of Chu said: since there are so many people, why should someone like you be sent as an envoy? Yan Zi answered calmly: you don't know. There is a rule for the state of Qi to send envoys. If the other party is a superior country, we will send someone with ability and virtue; If the other party is an inferior country, send a mediocre and incompetent person. Because I am the most worthless person, I was sent to your state of Chu.

    Yan Zi was calm in battle, talked and laughed, refuted the king's words one by one, and safeguarded the dignity of himself and his country.

    From this point of view, dignity is to be able to be neither humble nor arrogant in the face of stronger opponents than us, not disorderly in the face of danger, and to protect ourselves and the collective we represent from infringement. However, real dignity does not depend on identity and status. Although Yanzi's identity is not noble and his status is not prominent, he has his own dignity and knows how to safeguard the dignity of the country. Therefore, dignity depends on oneself, and the capital to strive for dignity is a person's self-confidence and ability. If Yanzi was a man of low self-esteem and had no ability to grow wisdom in a hurry, he and his country might be slaughtered and have no dignity in front of the king of Chu. So what is the relationship between self-confidence and dignity?

    Around us, there is Cai Jun, an engineer in the Technology Department of Jiangsu fulede Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. Confidence and dignity are reflected in him incisively and vividly.

    As the first batch of technicians of the company, Cai junchu faced many problems when he joined the company, among which the most difficult was to tackle key technical problems. Copper clad ceramic substrate is an important component of high-voltage and high-power module. Due to high technical requirements and difficult production, the relevant market has been monopolized by Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries for a long time. Cai Jun and others have almost no experience to learn from in the research and development process. But as a technician and a member of the Communist Party of China, Cai Jun knows that he must face the difficulties, otherwise what is his dignity as a professional technician? What is the dignity of being a party member? How can we become the technical backbone of the company? The premise of starting from scratch is that Cai Jun must have strong self-confidence, have the courage to accept challenges and actively solve problems on the way forward. Therefore, Cai Jun devoted himself to practical study in the workshop of the company's Shanghai headquarters for a month. After the installation of the new plant equipment, he rushed back to Dongtai at the first time and devoted himself to the company's R & D and production. He wears heavy dust-proof clothes every day to debug equipment, inspect products, focus on manufacturing parameters, quickly deal with abnormalities, and strictly ensure that the production plan is completed on time. Overtime is normal for him, but Cai Jun never complained. Finally, the R & D team he participated in independently developed the product verification route and successfully trial produced samples up to the international advanced level, which made a great contribution to the smooth operation of the company's phase I project of semiconductor copper-clad ceramic substrate in a short time.

    Cai Jun's self-confident personality allows him to constantly improve his technical level, and the mastery of key technologies makes him feel the sense of enrichment brought by dignity in the process of solving practical problems.

    The country has the dignity of the country, the individual has the dignity of the individual, and similarly, the enterprise also has the dignity of the enterprise. Although the most important thing for enterprises is survival, enterprises should also live with dignity. Many employees think that low price equals low quality, and the standards can be relaxed, but they forget that what enterprises really should do is not waste, reduce costs and make products precisely. The result of low price and low quality is actually like a "Duoduo", which means the loss of enterprise dignity. Only by continuously innovating, developing new products, improving old products, refining technology and improving quality, reducing cost and increasing efficiency, developing strengths and avoiding weaknesses, and constantly expanding the brand effect, can an enterprise have a strong capital to maintain dignity, which is the endogenous force given to the enterprise by dignity.

    Responsibility is the soul of dedication.

    What is responsibility? Responsibility is what a person should do, do a good job, undertake the tasks that should be undertaken and complete the mission that should be completed.

    Responsibility is the soul of dedication. The so-called "in his position, seek his government, do his things and fulfill his responsibilities", we should be responsible for the enterprise and ourselves, love and respect our posts, be loyal to our duties and be diligent and responsible. Only when we earnestly fulfill our responsibilities and treat our work with due diligence can we perfectly show our ability and value. On the contrary, if an employee lacks a sense of responsibility, it will be difficult for him to perform his post responsibilities, let alone love his post and dedication.

    Since ancient times, people who have made outstanding achievements generally benefit the public and take the responsibility first. In order to control the flood, Dayu in Ancient Times ran to the river for decades and never entered the house. It was precisely because of his responsibility that Dayu was able to successfully control the flood and benefit the people in all directions. Later, Dayu succeeded the leader of the tribal alliance because of his outstanding political achievements. Under his administration, the tribes were peaceful and Kyushu was stable.

    The story of Dayu's flood control shows that if you want to do your work perfectly, keep improving and constantly create value on your post, you must have a strong sense of dedication and responsibility. Enterprises need to have social responsibility. For example, in terms of environmental protection, they must comply with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations; Every manager should also take personal responsibility, seek the well-being of employees, think deeply for the development of the enterprise and make more beneficial contributions to the society.

    In the story of moving China, an ordinary bus driver had a heart attack while driving. In the last minute of his life, he did three things: he stopped the car slowly by the road and pulled down the manual brake with the last strength of his life; Open the door and let the passengers get off the bus safely; Turn off the engine to ensure the safety of the car, passengers and pedestrians. He finished these three things, lay peacefully on the steering wheel and stopped breathing. The driver's name is Huang Zhiquan. All Dalian people remember his name. Because he always remembers that it is his responsibility to ensure the safety of passengers.

    In the contemporary workplace, responsibility is very important. For the development of enterprises, it is no exaggeration to say that responsibility is more important than ability. If a person does not know what responsibility is and how to be responsible for himself and the company, no matter how talented he is, it is a disaster for the company and individual.

    In 2019, the material team of the thermoelectric division of Hangzhou Dahe thermomagnetic Electronics Co., Ltd. was awarded the collective honorary title of "National May Day Women model post" by the all China Federation of trade unions. Winning this honor is not easy. This team is a team of dedication, excellence and conscientious performance, which is responsible for the production planning arrangement, material connection and supply, material matching, product resistance control and account and material inventory of the whole thermal power division. The team members are scattered in all processes of the production line. They focus on quality, cost and improvement based on their posts. Through years of unremitting exploration, they try their best to find every place that can be improved. Although the positions and types of work of the material team are scattered, they are all multi-faceted experts: Tin replenishment, testing, material issuance, inventory and planning. Everyone can pick up three or four kinds. It is precisely because of their due diligence and devotion to their duties that the team has won the company's "6S excellent team" for 8 consecutive years, and has been rated as the company's "advanced collective" and good achievement of safety production objectives for many times. In 2016, it has been rated as "Zhejiang worker pioneer" by Zhejiang Federation of trade unions.

    With good professional ethics and superb professional technology, the material team of thermal power division has set us an example of being strict with ourselves, performing their duties and loving their posts. It has proved to us that only with a sense of responsibility can we fulfill our duties and devote ourselves to work. Does anyone see it the same, "Do not make things difficult because of big things, do not make things small, do not forget to do things because of many things, and do not make mistakes because of miscellaneous things"; Only with a sense of responsibility can we forge ahead. Instead of sticking to the old ways, sticking to the old rules and standing still, we should have the courage to innovate, keep pace with the times and work hard; With a sense of responsibility, you can be dedicated. Instead of being careless, slacking off and neglecting your duty, you are a dwarf who is conscientious, hardworking, pragmatic and never takes action.

    Go to work with feelings.

    To work with feelings requires responsibility and responsibility, and requires a down-to-earth, diligent and conscientious professional attitude. It is an inner love. The work attitude of dealing with things is not about responsibility, let alone feelings. How much responsibility can we do, how much responsibility can we achieve. If we regard work as a career, always hold recognition and confidence in work, always work with feelings, win respect with feelings, and reap achievements with feelings, then we will be able to get satisfaction from work, truly appreciate the profound connotation of "serious work is our best feelings", and our life will be enriched and perfect due to work, So as to achieve career and self-achievement at the same time.

    Chuang Tzu once said, "there is no greater sorrow for the husband than the death of the heart, followed by the death of people". The saddest thing is that people have no thoughts, beliefs and feelings. Since ancient times, there have been countless literati and talented generals who have gone through fire and water for the country and the people with the feelings of family and country. Fan Zhongyan, a writer and politician of the Northern Song Dynasty, had a sense of social responsibility of loving the people and caring for the world. He wanted the monarch to remain immortal and the people to live and work in peace and contentment. Even if his liver was exhausted and his throat was empty, he still had to give advice and unswerving determination; All his life, he was loyal and devoted. In order to get rid of the accumulated disadvantages, he tried to implement the Qingli new deal. However, he was demoted three times because he disagreed with the emperor and power and hindered the vital interests of the ministers. Even so, he still cares about the public and is eager to return to the court and make a difference. It is precisely because of his indelible feelings of family and country that he issued the cry of "worry about the world first and enjoy the happiness of the world later", and finally became a model for future generations.

    Therefore, feelings are persistent love for the cause they are engaged in. Feelings are the emotional sustenance in our hearts. If a person has no emotion and no emotional sustenance, it is impossible to have a complete personality. Fan Zhongyan has been chasing the feelings of family and country all his life, which is worthy of future generations' memory.

    Jiang Shuiai, section chief of thermal power division, has been a member of the company for nearly 25 years. With 25 years of company, she has a deep fetter on Daiwa thermal magnetism. Over the years, she has been conscientious, with unparalleled familiarity with assembly technology and rich experience. Since the beginning of this year, nearly 20 improvement suggestions have been put forward and adopted, which is expected to save 547524 yuan for the company. She is proactive and has a strong sense of responsibility. She always completes the tasks assigned by her leaders 100% in advance. In June this year, when Zhejiang's leading thermal power production line was basically new employees, it was still able to ensure that the daily output exceeded 35000, and Jiang Shui's love was indispensable. For the cooperation between posts, she is also quite in place and never oppresses others with force; For the questions of the following employees, the response time shall not exceed 2 minutes. With excellent technology and experience, she always has an unspeakable self-confidence and calm when doing things, which can also drive the benign development of the whole team.

    It is such an ordinary grass-roots employee who has worked and loved for 25 years. This love is a feeling and a selfless dedication that hopes to make the company better and better through his own efforts. If you don't have such feelings about work, who is willing to rack their brains to help the company save costs? Who can persist in rain and wind for more than 20 years?   

    I once saw an American writer say that the Chinese people are terrible and they have no faith. It's hard for me to agree with this view, because he can't see the emotional sustenance of the Chinese people. Our emotional sustenance will not be worshipped every day, and we don't place our emotions on religion like them. Fan Zhongyan has his patriotic feelings, and Li Qingzhao has her feelings of missing her old friend They have all achieved themselves and are famous in history.

    What feelings should we have for life, our career and the enterprise? Obviously, our managers should be serious and do everything poorly; Be dedicated and take everything seriously; Persistent and accurate things can't stop. All management work should be conducive to quality, cost reduction and efficiency improvement. The same is true for ordinary employees. Only when they love their work can they think from their heart to do their own work well, continue to shine on their posts and create value for the enterprise.

Based on their own work, strengthen the responsibility of mission.

    Our job responsibility is our mission. With a sense of mission, you will be full of enthusiasm for your work, take the initiative to take responsibility, and consciously try every means to solve the difficulties encountered in your work. If every employee wants to make achievements in his work and improve his life, he must proceed from reality, base on his own work and strengthen his mission.

    Revolutionary Qu Qiubai wrote in his book on Gorky: "speaking, the dissemination of culture and knowledge seems to be the mission of the 'intellectual class'." Writer Yang Shuo said in "snowflakes floating in Manchuria": "they are just like weeds in early spring. There are strong new buds everywhere. As soon as the time comes, they will bear the great mission of recovering the lost land."

    Daily trivialities can easily make people lose themselves. When they lose their sense of mission, they lose the meaning of life. Since you have chosen a job, don't just take it as a means of making a living, give the meaning of the job itself, find your sense of mission, and then you can find fun and improve your sense of happiness.

    I once heard a story of building a wall: three workers are building a wall. Someone came and asked, "what are you doing?" The first man said angrily, "don't you see? Build a wall." The second man looked up, smiled and said, "we're building a tall building." The third man hummed a song while working. His smile was very bright and happy: "we are building a new city." Ten years later, the first man built a wall on another construction site; The second man sat in the office drawing drawings. He became an engineer; The third man, he became the boss of the first two.

    On the same starting line, attitude determines everything; The third person takes "building a new city" as his mission. He feels that his daily work is so meaningful and is taking a step towards completing his mission. Therefore, he makes ordinary work extraordinary with a good mood, happy work and happy life!

    Being aware of the small task at hand as the beginning of a big career means whether you can make a big career. If you are like the first person in the story and face your work sadly and aimlessly, I think no matter how good your work will be, you can only live at the bottom forever and repeat the same thing every day, and you will not be happy all your life.

    Charlie bell, 15, cleaned the toilet at a McDonald's in Australia; At the age of 19, he became the youngest McDonald's store manager in Australia; At the age of 27, he became the vice president of McDonald's Australia; At the age of 29, he became a member of the board of directors of McDonald's Australia; At the age of 43, he was promoted to chief operating officer and became the youngest global leader in McDonald's history. Peter Ritchie, the founder of McDonald's Australia, once told Bell: cleaning is one of McDonald's four business policies. You are engaged in McDonald's greatest work. Bell thus understood the meaning of his work, so he was able to become president from a cleaner.

    We also need to slowly explore our "mission". Sense of mission sounds like a big word, but it needs to be implemented in our daily work, such as the cultivation of professional ability, the attitude towards people and things, the way of thinking, etc. When we find a sense of mission and clearly understand the meaning of our work, our view of the workplace will suddenly become bright and experience the joy of different work.

    The same is true in the workplace. Who would have thought of Ferrotec today In 1992, (China) group was just a small workshop with 500 square meters of plant, 9 employees and old equipment? It was precisely because President he, as the leader of the team, had five noble personality traits of self-confidence, dignity, responsibility, feelings and mission. With diligence and enthusiasm, he introduced investment, management system, team recruitment and technology introduction From strategic deployment to tactical implementation, we have overcome difficulties step by step, made positive progress and continued to explore. "I have a big dream, and now it's just the beginning". For Mr. He, every step is a new beginning, and every new beginning means greater responsibility, deeper feelings and higher mission. Under the leadership of president he, Ferrotec (China) takes the semiconductor business as the core, the enterprise develops steadily under his leadership, and his semiconductor business "China dream" is in the ascendant.

    President he constantly inspires us with his deeds. Every employee should set clear goals and the significance of his work. No matter how difficult the task they accept, they should have the strong belief that "mission will be achieved", which is the sense of mission. For example, it is our mission to invest in the semiconductor industry, break through the technical bottleneck of "neck sticking" and truly realize "independent control".

    On the contrary, if you only take work as a means of making a living, you will lose your passion and just get tired of dealing with it. Only when work is regarded as a career can we really ignite the passion of work. With a sense of goal and urgency, each of us will be grounded and realize our dreams step by step.

    Self confidence and dignity can be sublimated into feelings, and responsibility can be sublimated into mission. They complement each other and are indispensable.

    Feelings are the sublimation of self-confidence and dignity. Self confidence is one of the most valuable qualities of a person. It is not only a booster for a person to move forward, but also a guarantee for the success of life and career. Self confidence at work is not only the trust in one's ability, but also the firm belief in the goal one pursues. Confident people know that "my talent is used to do something. No matter how expensive it is, it must be done." This belief is actually a kind of feeling, which is a sublimation of self-confidence.

Mission is the sublimation of responsibility. Responsibility, in essence, is a high sense of mission for work, an unshirkable responsibility, an unshirkable obligation and an attitude towards life.

    Responsibility is an indispensable prerequisite for mission and feelings. "Everyone is responsible for the rise and fall of the world" is a belief; "Being humble and not daring to forget worrying about the country" is a feeling, and "taking the world as its own responsibility" is a mission. Educator Tao Xing once advocated "knowing responsibility, clarifying responsibility and being responsible." It can be seen that lofty mission and heroic feelings are always inseparable from bravery and responsibility. Every employee should fulfill their duties in their respective posts, constantly create and realize value with a positive and enterprising attitude towards life, and achieve leaps one after another. Perseverance, perseverance, this is the feeling of work. We will also realize that this is not just a responsibility, but a mission, a sense of mission that makes employees feel extremely proud and want to strive to achieve.

    If an enterprise is compared to a sailboat sailing on the waves, the enterprise leader is the helmsman and every employee is the crew. Confidence is the belief that we will reach the other side, which encourages us to move forward bravely; Dignity is the mast of our ship, standing proudly in the bow with the blue and white flag of Ferrotec; Feelings are the lighthouse on our way, always giving us light and warmth; Mission is our compass, guiding us to move forward resolutely; Responsibility is the sea breeze that provides power and pushes us forward. Without any link, we can only float with the ocean current at sea, or even touch the reef and run aground. We can finally reach the other side of success only by moving forward hand in hand, bearing our unshakable dignity with absolute self-confidence, taking mission as the direction, feelings as the lighthouse, responsibility as the driving force, driving through one danger after another and experiencing storms again and again. The flowers on the other side are better than the red dust of Purple Street, the water on the other side is better than the clear waves of Dongting, and the wind on the other side is more gentle than the new green of Liutang!