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    He Xianhan is currently the vice president of Japan Magnetic Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. (Ferrotec Co., Ltd.), the vice chairman of Hangzhou Dahe thermomagnetic Electronics Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Shenhe thermomagnetic Electronics Co., Ltd., and the chairman of Jiangsu Fulde Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Fulde quartz Technology Co., Ltd.

Interview notes

    In 2018, Ferrotec (China) successively established two companies (Jiangsu fulede Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu fulede quartz Technology Co., Ltd.) in Dongtai City, Yancheng. Although the company has not been established for a long time, it relies on Ferrotec With strong technical force and market resources, Jiangsu fulede has stood out in regional economic development. Therefore, president he has won the "outstanding contribution entrepreneur" of Yancheng City In recognition of his contribution to promoting regional economic development. President he has a full trip to Dongtai this time. In order to accept our exclusive interview, he deliberately postponed the original meeting for a while. In this brief interview, he told us about his experience in studying abroad and starting a business, as well as some experience in enterprise management and development, which made us feel an entrepreneur's dedication and fighting spirit to his career. For better development, he chose to return to China after studying abroad and joined Ferrotec. He said: "at that time, Ferrotec's scale in China was very small, and the factories were rented, but I thought it was very good at that time, because in that case, I had the opportunity to start a business." Indeed, facts have proved that difficulties are only opportunities in front of him, and the more difficulties, the more opportunities. At the beginning, they produced a semiconductor refrigerator, and its raw materials were imported. As a result, the finished product sold for $40 and lost $20. In order to change this passive situation, he began to develop his own products and set up a company in Shanghai in order to introduce talents. After continuous research and development, the effort is worthy of those who have a heart. It was put into mass production in half a year. This product now accounts for 40% of the global market. Under his leadership, Ferrotec (China) has long become an internationally renowned supplier of semiconductor products and solutions. However, when I asked him whether he had realized his entrepreneurial dream in that year, he said: "I don't think the expectation has been achieved, because what was envisaged at that time was that it must be done all the time, no matter what." Perhaps this is a goal without a goal, but it is also a lofty goal. His goal is to move forward forever, never-ending, never satisfied, and constantly push his career to one peak after another. This persistence and persistence in the cause is worth learning from each of us, but he said: "many Chinese people lack this persistence and don't like long-term. They just want to make fast money and can't bear to do business." His words need every one of us to think deeply. Indeed, countless facts tell us that any brilliance has to go through countless accumulation, but many people only want to see the results of the harvest and are not willing to accept the long and even painful process. As an entrepreneur and the helmsman of a large international enterprise, president he is not only thinking about the future for the development of the enterprise, but also making tireless contributions to China's scientific and technological progress. "China is backward in materials, but the three areas we are doing are the technologies that China most wants to introduce," he said I think the reason why a person can be called an entrepreneur is not how much wealth he has brought to himself, but how much value he has created for the industry and society. We believe that under his leadership, Jiangsu Fulde and Ferrotec (China) group will continue to innovate and develop, will continue to create more brilliance with science and technology, and will also contribute to strengthening made in China.

Interview excerpt

Time: December 28, 2019

Location: Jiangsu fulede (No. 18, Hongda Road, Chengdong new district, Dongtai City)


    Chen Jianhua: at that time, many people studying in Japan wanted to stay after graduation, but why did you resolutely return home to start a business?

    He Xianhan: Well, in 1988, I used to be a teacher in Shanghai University of Finance and economics. Later, I wanted to go abroad to study. Then I had an opportunity: that is, Japan recruited foreign students in China. Later, I took the master's degree in Waseda University and studied there for two years. After that, my tutor introduced me to a Japanese university, Went to school for another two years. Then in the last year, the teacher asked me: do you want to be a doctor or something? But he said a doctor of economics in Japan would not be available until the age of 45. At that time, many people wanted to stay in Japan, so I said that it was a little late to be 45, which didn't work. So later, I went to the employment department to register. At this time, several companies came to me. Later, I thought I'd better go home. Why? Because I didn't have a chance in Japan. When I was actually 40 or 50 years old in Japan, I was basically a section head. Only those over 50 years old can be ministers. At that time, I said I would go back to China. Then I returned to Hangzhou in 1992 to start a business. At this time, I joined Ferrotec. At this time, Ferrotec was still a small company in Hangzhou, and the factory was borrowed, and there were no good products to be made in China. But at that time, I thought it was very good, because in that case, I had the opportunity to start a business. In addition, he was our Japanese president at that time. He knew our foreign students very well. He said, "I'll give you everything. You can do whatever you want." I think he trusted me so much that I made up my mind to do it later. This is the whole process of studying in Japan and returning to China to start a business.


    Chen Jianhua: what difficulties did you encounter in the process of entrepreneurship and how did you overcome them?

    He Xianhan: there are many difficulties. Why? Because you don't have a product. I took a semiconductor cooler at that time (now it is such a product that accounts for 40% of the world). When it is used, its raw materials are composed of two parts: one is our ceramic substrate, that is, a circuit board, which is imported from Japan. The other is the polycrystalline particle with a semi conductor inside, which is powered on, mainly to turn the circuit up. This is From America. Then when it's done, this piece is 40 × A 40 size semiconductor refrigerator costs about $40, but I still have to lose $20, so I can't do it under such circumstances. So at this time, I began to find someone to do R & D by myself. Later, in 1995, I officially established a company in Shanghai to do this product. In fact, it took me only half a year to mass produce it. All of a sudden, the cost was 3 / 4 cheaper. I bought something worth $40. Finally, the cost was $10. Later, enterprises began to move up with this product. Because it has a very wide range of applications, from household appliances to medical equipment, and now 5g communication, Huawei now uses 100% of our products. A micro refrigerator in our communication equipment can account for 60% of the world's share, and the whole refrigerator accounts for 40% of the global share.


    Chen Jianhua: do you think the original expected goal of entrepreneurship has been achieved?

    He Xianhan: I don't think the expectation has been met, because what was envisaged at that time was that we must continue to do it anyway and be able to make it bigger. And what to do? We should not only do what the Chinese cannot do, but also contribute to China's technological accumulation. Especially after the state put forward the plan of "made in China 2025" in 2015, our goal will be clearer. Therefore, the three fields we are doing now are the technologies that China most hopes to introduce: one is semiconductor related materials, which China is backward in materials; The second is our semiconductor refrigeration system; The third is some application products needed in today's electric vehicles.


    Chen Jianhua: how do you manage talents to give full play to their value in enterprise operation?

    He Xianhan: I prefer learning, because I used to teach in the University, and I have formed such a habit since childhood, hoping to constantly absorb some new things. Therefore, we attach great importance to talents. We should work with them at work, especially to help them create a good environment. For example, we originally had a doctor here, and this time we introduced another one. Now there are two doctors in total. Then we will try our best to create an excellent R & D environment for them so that they can give full play to their technical capabilities here. Moreover, we should encourage him, see their good times, and let them see what results they can make on this stage in the future, so that they can give full play to their talents.


    Chen Jianhua: how do you understand the views that "enterprise development needs innovation and persistence"?

    He Xianhan: innovation is very important, and you should keep looking for it. We are right in saying "innovation by all and entrepreneurship by all", but China is short of this thing. Americans have many start-ups and are good at innovation. No matter what he thinks, he will try. I think innovation is very important for China to surpass the United States.

    But the Chinese also have a common characteristic, that is, they hope to make fast money. When they see a loss, they can't help it and can't stand it. I have made a medical instrument product for DNA blood analysis, and a supporting equipment for blood analysis. I started to make these two products in 2003 and have been doing so now. Three years ago, I began to redefine the whole direction. After that, they broke out all at once. So the key is to be patient. You can't always think about how much money you want to make today. I often tell them that if you want to start a business, you should do your current job as a career, and you can do it well. Because it takes a lot of time and money to do any of the most advanced things or some of the most basic things, such as materials, but you have to be patient to do it well.


    Chen Jianhua: fuluode's products are recognized by many users at home and abroad. What do you think this mainly depends on?

    He Xianhan: the first is to rely on our technological innovation; The second is our quality management; Third, we can meet the needs of customers. What do customers need? We have done all these things, and the other key is that your quality should meet his needs. He can buy it abroad, but if you buy it here, you can be more reasonable than others in terms of price. In addition, you may do better in terms of service and response. In this way, people will naturally produce demand for your products.